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CN Pairie - Doug Burton

The CN Prairie is set in June 1959 with scenes from Saskatchewan and Alberta that I believe represent the prairies. The layout was started in 2007 and will be my 3rd and hopefully last. There are 5 bridges both metal and wood. The wood ones are scratch built from CN plans. There is a small town in the bottom right hand side. The main industries are grain, livestock, freight and passenger service. The buildings are both kits and scratch built. There are 7 elevator companies represented through the layout. The yard represents a division point on the CNR main line loosely based on Melville Saskatchewan by that I mean I didn't try to exactly model the town as I could not make it fit in the plan. The cars are mostly CN and all the engines are all CN. When operating there are trains that run to Regina and Yorkton both in staging along with the trains that run down the main.

Doug writes a blog about his layout:

CN Clearwater Sub - Norm Skretting

Welcome to the CN Clearwater Sub. I am modelling portions of CN's Clearwater Sub between Kamloops Jct and Blue River, British Columbia. The time period is quite large, ranging anywhere from the early 1970s to present day, although late 1970s to 1990s is my favorite time period. The layout is built in two rooms that are approximately 14x22 and 10-x12 (feet) with the larger room having most of the scenery completed and the smaller room used as staging. The layout is a single track railroad controlled by CTC signals that can also run ABS stand alone. The signal system is provided by Kevin Rudko of Signalogic Systems using his control components and my home-built signals (using BLMA signal heads). The dispatcher is located in another room and communicates with the rest of the railroad by radio and telephone (intercom). I use a 4:1 fast clock and typical sessions last anywhere from 2-4 actual hours (8-16 hours of fast time). Car forwarding is accomplished using waybills and car cards, along with switch lists made out by myself or the Kamloops Jct yardmaster. I use a Digitrax simplex DCC system to control the locomotives. The railroad operates with as few as two or three people or as many as 10 or 11. Most trains operate with cabooses with a few using SBUs. Being a former train dispatcher for CN, I try to be as prototypical as possible, but also trying to be as flexible with the rules as possible, so that the sessions are challenging but fun.

Warren Bjorson

More info to come.

Randy Kvill

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Prototype Tours

Evraz Camrose Works

Heading up the prototype tours is a visit to the Evraz Camrose Works, a steel mill that produces the pipe used in oil and gas industry pipelines. This tour gives a behind the scenes look at making of an item critical to Alberta’s economy